Here is what some of our parents and students are saying about Champion Learning Center…

“Our son was struggling in virtually every subject before he enrolled in your program. He is now scoring straight A’s. A “B” is now considered a bad grade to him. Words can’t express how thankful we are. Anytime I needed to re-schedule or ask you guys something you responded quickly and were so friendly. Thanks again.”

-Linda and Jeffrey S.

“I never thought I had the head to do math until I came to Champion. All of a sudden, I’m able to do problems faster and get them right. My math homework takes me less than half the time it used to, because I actually understand what I’m doing.”

-Julie H.

“I used to be scared of math, and I never wanted to go to class. But now that I know that I can do it, I actually look forward to going to class. It feels good to get the right answer in front of the whole class.”

-Amy F.

“I actually like school now.”

-Anthony B.

“Homework is no longer a struggle everyday. Ezra is so much more organized and willing to do his homework. Whatever you’re doing,
keep it up!”

-Lisa S.

“Champion got me organized. I feel like I can think more clearly now, and I’ve been getting the grades to prove it.”

-Jack G.

“I don’t dread writing essays for English class anymore, because it takes me a third of the time it used to.”

-Maurice D.

“My class was really small and the teacher knew all of us really well. I gained so much from this class. Thanks for getting me into NYU”

-Karen A.

“I never read for fun before Champion,
now I read big novels all the time!”

-Oren N.

“All that practice made me really comfortable the day of the test. I felt like I knew exactly what they were going to ask and how they were going to ask it.”

-Albert F.

“I got into three of the top private schools in NYC. Now I can pick and choose which ever one I want.”

-Jeff K.

“I’m glad we signed up our daughter for your course. It really gave her that extra boost of confidence she needed to do well on the ISEE. She got in everywhere she applied. Thanks again.”

-Marie & Robert C.

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