The Champion Math program helps children at various skill levels improve their math skills and overcome anxiety. We get results because our strategies are proven to work.

  •  The Champion Math program helps students gain the ability to master math skills one step at a time.

  •  Based on the student’s individual needs, we place them at a    comfortable starting point within the Math program.

  •  The program is set up so that each student takes small incremental steps that follow a sequential order. Each math concept builds upon the previous one, like a “math ladder”.

  •  We teach students how to tackle even the toughest problems with confidence.

  •  Students learn the skills necessary to excel on math portions of school exams and standardized assessments.

If your child is struggling in math, or just isn’t being challenged enough, call Champion Learning Center today!

“I used to be scared of math. But now that I know I can do it, I actually look forward to going to class. It feels good to get the right answer in front of the whole class.”

– Champion Learning Center Student

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